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Hi, it's great to meet you. 

We're Missy and Vanessa and are the co-founders of Velvet Season. We've known each other for just about 20 years. Man, it feels crazy to say that out loud... 


We originally met at Niagara College where we were both studying print journalism. We got along almost right away and had almost all our classes together. Then, after college, we moved in together. A couple of years of parties, crazy adventures, and even crazier people came in and out of our lives. 

Fast forward to today, and we're both living in the GTA with our incredible families and have decided to embark on this new adventure together. (Fun fact... neither of us ever pursued journalism professionally)





Some fun facts about Velvet Season...

  • The name comes from an old term that means that incredible time of year between the end of summer and early fall. Vanessa's birthday is at the end of August, and Missy's is at the beginning of September. 

  • One of our studios, Glendale, is named after the street where our infamous apartment was located.

  • Another of our studios, Lumina, is named after the silver 1992 Chevy Lumina that Vanessa drove when we lived together. That beast of a vehicle took us on some pretty amazing adventures in our days.

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