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Overlooking the entire studio, The Loft is the comfy cozy reading nook you wish you had at home. Home of pillows, blankets, and gorgeous twinkly lights, this space is perfect for seated family or couple photos. The ceiling height in this room is low, so any shoots in this room should be seated or as low as possible. 


Please be advised that this fee is for space rental only. Decor is always subject to change without notice.



15% discount when booking

a full day


For photo sessions:

6 people total


This room is on the second floor, and stands large at

285.8 sq ft

Natural Light

Though this studio does not have its own windows, because it's open to the ground floor, it has incredible diffused light

Featured Photos in The Loft

What's Included?


Antique gold high chair and decor.


Beautiful tent with pillows and toys.


Gorgeous twinkle lights drapes.

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