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VSStar Program

Book. Earn. Get Rewards.

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Sign up

Become a member of the VSStar Program for free.


Earn Stars

When you sign up, you get 400 welcome stars. Then, earn 100 stars with every booking.

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Redeem for Rewards

Choose to use your points for discounted sessions, or save them up for free studio time!

Book. Earn. Get Rewards.


The VSStar program is free to use, and rewards you simply for what you're already doing at Velvet Season. Upon becoming a free member, you'll earn 400 welcome stars. Every session you book at Velvet Season, you'll earn an additional 100 stars. Chose to use your points for discounted sessions along the way, or bank them all and use them for free studio time when you need it most. 

Reward Breakdown: 

500 Stars: 20% off next session

600 Stars: 30% off next session

700 Stars: 40% off next session

800 Stars: 50% off next session

950 Stars: 1 hour free in the Glendale studio

1000 Stars: 1 hour free in the Lumina studio

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