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Black Velvet Market Vol. 2 - Youth Edition

February is Black History Month. During this month, we celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and their communities, who have contributed so much to our culture, history, and our future. Please join us in partnership with Young Bosses in Business for an inspiring showcase of carefully-selected black-owned, youth-led businesses to celebrate Black History Month. This is an indoor face to face event that supports young emerging entrepreneurs and black businesses with opportunities to sell their products.

Black Velvet Market Vol. 2 - Youth Edition takes place on Sunday, February 26, 2023 from 10AM - 3PM EST. 


BVM Vendor - IAH Beauty

IAH Beauty

BVM Vendor - Miyysjewels


BVM Vendor - Must Love Books

Must Love Books

BVM Vendor - Bossari Kids

Bossari Kids

BVM Vendor - The Kiddies Club

The Kiddies Club

BVM Vendor - iBead Workshops

iBead Workshops

BVM Vendor - Soap Boyz

The Soap Boyz

BVM Vendor - Sapple Co.

Sapple Co.

BVM Vendor - Ohemaa Jewellery & Accessories

Ohemaa Jewellery & Accessories

BVM Vendor - Alex's Art

Alex's Art

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